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Title: Doctor Byte Data Recovery - Recuperação de Dados em HD
Description: Doctor Byte offers data recovery services for hard disk drives, raid systems, Pen Drive, Memory Card, etc - Recuperação de Dados em HD in Portuguese.


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Titulo: Recuperação de Dados, Arquivos e Fotos apagadas
Descrição: A Doctor Byte faz Recuperação de Dados e Arquivos que tenham sido deletados, formatados, corrompidos ou inacessíveis. Recuperação de HD com defeito.


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Titulo: Recuperação de HD, Arquivos deletados e Fotos apagadas
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Titulo: Recuperação de Arquivos, Dados de HD e Fotos deletadas
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Titulo: Recuperação de Dados em HD, Arquivos e Fotos apagadas
Descrição: A Doctor Byte presta serviços de Recuperação de Dados em HDs defeituosos e correção de Arquivos que estejam corrompidos ou tenham sido deletados, formatados, corrompidos ou inacessíveis. Recuperação de Pen Drive com defeito.


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Titulo: Recuperação de Dados, Recuperação de Arquivos e Fotos apagadas
Descrição: A Doctor Byte faz Recuperação de HD com Dados e Arquivos importantes que tenham sido deletados, formatados, corrompidos ou inacessíveis. Recuperação de Pen Drive e HDs com defeito.


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When a computer starts making strange noises or warning signals from a computer collapse begin to appear, panic usually sets in and people can react, making what could have been a small problem much worse. Although computers are not widely used not many people know what to do in the event of a computer malfunction. How do you handle your data recovery process will determine whether the information is retrieved or permanently lost. This procedure should only be attempted by an expert in data recovery.


We have reached an age where computers have become the main source for recreational, educational and work. People rely heavily on computers for everyday things such as phone numbers, homework, games, keeping appointments, talking with friends and of course shopping. When a computer breakdown happens at home is disastrous, but when it happens in labor companies may suffer major setbacks in both time and money. In some cases, companies can not bear the loss of data.


Each hard drive has a limited shelf life, which means that all precautions can be taken and your hard drive will still fail at some point or another. The average lifespan of a hard drive is about five years or 20,000 hours. Does this mean we should not take precautions? In case of any computer degradation chances for a successful data recovery can be achieved faster and easier when certain precautions are taken. Backing up files regularly can be a great way to protect your data and ensure that all is not lost when you experience a computer malfunction.


Computer viruses have become a common problem that has caused many users to lose precious files and computer experience erratic behavior. There are anti-virus software products, when installed and updated regularly are great precautions for the many who need security.


Natural disasters such as power surges, fire or water damage are the worst nightmare of a computer user. In such cases it can be assumed that the computer is a complete loss, however, data recovery is achieved even in the worst case.


Hard drive failure is an unavoidable reality in the modern business world. Whether due to human error, software corruption or other causes most companies will experience data loss incidents through hard disk failure. In this article we analyze the various causes of failure in the hard drive and estimate the costs of each incident. Our calculations indicate that, on average, a single data loss incident will cost a $ 2.900 organization, most of which is measured as lost productivity. Finally, we offer seven suggestions for responding to hard drive failures.


Data loss and computer downtime have serious implications for companies. Data loss can lead to costly downtime for sales and marketing and customer service reduced, while customer databases are restored or rebuilt. Lost financial data can lead to lost contracts and stock value, or worse. A recent study by Datamonitor found that as many as one-third of IT executives believe a major data loss incident in your company could lead to bankruptcy (Datamonitor, 2007). Small businesses may be more vulnerable, according to a recent survey conducted by Verio. Seventy percent of small businesses reported that a single data loss incident would be considered significant and costly. These concerns are well founded as more than half of respondents have experienced some data loss (Verio 2007). Although hard drive fabricanteshd claim less than a failure rate of 1%, recent research by computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University found that a failure rate of 2% -4% is more common and under some conditions the failure rate You can reach as high as 13% (Schroeder and Gibson, 2007).


The cost of data loss varies depending on your application, and the potential value that can be drawn from the use of data. Furthermore, there is a cost associated with recovering data as well as the loss of productivity due to breaks computer. Using the available data and existing research, this paper attempts to quantify the costs associated with episodes of data loss, considering the recovery of costs as well as lost sales and reduced productivity.


The amount of data stored in corporate servers, workstations and machines of users continues to grow. The tremendous growth of stored data is powered by three trends: increasing the storage media capacity, reducing the cost per MB, and emerging role of information technology in business. In 1965, Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, estimated the pace of technology would support a doubling of the number of transistors on a single piece of silicon every 18-24 months for about the same cost. This estimate is largely held true.


While Moore treated forecast the number of transistors on a piece of silicon, which has implications for growth and storage costs as well. The reality of "Moore's Law" implies similar results in storage size magnetic disk. A second trend affecting the data storage growth is that the cost per megabyte has dropped over the past 20 years (see Figure 3). This trend is also related to Moore's law.


A third trend in the rapid growth of data stored is the emerging role of information technology in business. In addition to the historical responsibility for the operations of storage and financial reporting, many companies are moving their information resources outside the office back and closer to the front line with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management systems (SCM ). Although these systems create advantages for companies, they are intensive data and dramatically increase storage requirements of a company. Some industries - for instance hospitals and financial services - are moving rapidly toward paperless environments where all corporate information is stored and transmitted electronically (Golinkin, 2007). The back-office automation trend towards front-office, added value and ubiquitous computing requires extensive data storage.


These trends cause many companies to invest in additional storage. The research firm IDC reports that the total capacity disk storage sold in the first quarter of 2006 exceeded 1,030 petabytes, more than 48 percent over the previous year (a petabyte is equal to one quadrillion bytes of data, or 1,000,000 GB). According to the survey of the total disk storage market grew by over 6% in 2006 to $ 24.4 billion. During the same period, the average price of products in this market experienced double-digit growth through sales to small and medium enterprises (Regan, 2007). According to Gartner, one IT consultancy and research, many companies are seeing the costs of data backup and archiving far outweigh the growth in their overall budgets (Buchanon, 2007). These trends are expected to continue or increase in the foreseeable future.



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